Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fabulous February a Valentines treat............................

Roses for romance

I have tried this idea with a spare old door
and it looks fabulous and makes a lovely focal point 

  I just can't wait to get this issue............
Now the disaster has passed in the kitchen and I am looking for new ideas I hauled out my rather nice collection of J.D.Living magazines from Camel and Yak.  It was such a pleasure to look through them, I love the sheer quality of the photos and the paper and to get so many ideas for the new utility / kitchen space, I just can't wait to get started. I think it will be mainly off white with a good helping of grey....maybe this space.
Hugs Lynnxxxxx

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  1. Hi Lynn, just found your lovely blog and now a new follower! I just love Jeanne de Arc Living...everything white, gray, and that beautiful vintage blue! Looking forward to your next post!
    P.S. Where can I find those vintage letters?
    Clicked on pic and there was no link...